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Graduation & stage 

How does your future look like? 

That you never know for sure. It starts with making the right choice and that you have to do. It is a lot easier when you know what’s for sale on the labour market. Therefore during your years of study to know the width of your field. Do you use internships to poke around to the different parts. Key in the theory from the books to the daily practice. TVE is ideally suited for as ´ n thorough exploration. You come into contact with a variety of every day business, with clients who belong to all sorts of industries. That diversity, the fascinating to the box, you might find at TVE.

TVE is an ideal company to do an internship or to give to your graduation project. The contacts are very varied and are in touch with all the parts that deal with advertising productions. So a good basis for your further career. TVE makes for good guidance before, during and even after your internship or graduation project. Together we get the maximum out of it.

Graduation or internships at TVE. Send a brief motivation to human resources department, Marie Curie Street 10, 5491 DD to Sint Oedenrode or go directly to the online application form.