Stickers are the ideal material to bring your message or advertisement to the attention. You will not be unnoticed. At TVE we are happy to help you create and develop the perfect sticker for your company!

Customized stickers
TVE deliver your stickers to your wishes and requirements. A durable window sticker or floor print, one or full color? TVE is pleased to advise you.


Sticker materials

The possibilities that stickers can offer are endless. There are many possibilities in the field of material. At TVE we can print stickers on the following material:

  • White self adhesive vinyl/polymer
  • Transparent vinyl
  • Pennstick (non-permanent)
  • Frosted foil
  • Foil for lettering
  • Low tack vinyl
  • Easy dot vinyl (self adhesive and easy to position)
  • PVC free vinyl wrapping foi

Permanent or non-permanent adhesive stickers

The name actually says why there are two different types of stickers. The permanently adhering stickers are ideal for long-term usage. By using the correct material stickers can be used for in- and outdoor possibilities. For example, do you have a temporary action that you want to bring to the attention? Then our non-permanently adhering stickers can easily be removed afterwards.

Efficient for promotional purposes stickers have been an important promotional tool for ages. Thanks to the ease of use and the enormous versatility, stickers will remain popular. Stickers can not only be attached to almost any material, but also have a long lifetime.