Event decoration


Event decoration

At an event, the decoration should of course not be missing. After all, these largely determine the atmosphere of the event. TVE Advertising Productions supports you in developing the right products for your event decoration. By means of for example banners, flags, display advertising or festival prints, you can provide your event with a beautiful decoration that matches the concept. 

Products event decoration

Among other banners, flags, XL prints and construction fence cloths can ensure an even better appearance of your event. With these products you can easily incorporate the corporate identity and atmosphere of the event into the event decoration. The products for event decoration are often also used in citydressing. With this you can easily create extra atmosphere, attention value and appearance for the city, the municipality or the village and make it lively. 


TVE Advertising Productions

TVE Advertising Productions BV is one of the largest providers in the field of advertising productions. With a team of over 45 professional staff members, TVE works for several leading (retail)organizations, cities, municipalities, companies, institutions and festivals in and abroad the Netherlands. TVE Advertising Productions stands for meeting desires, speed, quality and virtually limitless possibilities.

Are you curious about the possibilities that TVE Advertising Productions has to offer? Then don’t hesitate to contact us, we like to think along with you.

Type of events

Event decoration is suitable for all types of events. You can think of a:

  • City event
  • Sports event
  • Cultural event
  • Festival

In short, event furnishing gives an as effective as possible presentation of atmosphere and promotion!