Citydressing, also known as event decoration, is an important part of city marketing. TVE Advertising Productions supports you in developing the right products for your city dressing. By means of, for example, banners, façade flags, façade advertising or beachflags you can promote your city, municipality or village. Create extra atmosphere experience, attention value and appearance for your city, town or village and make it lively through citydressing. 


City dressing for events

Citydressing can also be used as event catering. TVE Advertising Productions speaks about temporary city dressing or event decoration. You can think of:

  • City event
  • Sports event
  • Cultural event
  • Festival

Citydressing gives an as effective as possible presentation of atmosphere and promotion!

Products citydressing

Banners, flags, XL prints and construction fencing can provide an even better appearance for your city, municipality or village. You can easily spread your message and/or atmosphere on these products. Citydressing is a way to arouse the curiosity of new and potential visitors. In addition, you can increase the involvement of residents and the business community by means of citydressing. After all, you create an atmospheric and recognizable image for your city.