XXL sublimation printing


XXL images with photo quality

The technique of XXL sublimation printing combines an XXL image with the extremely sharp quality of a photo. Whether it concerns large prints on flags, banners, or displays, TVE can offer you a huge variety of textile productions, with a width of up to 320cm. 

Improve continuously

At TVE we are going for a continuous improvement of our production process. We do this, among other things, by using modern and advanced machines. With this the production capacity is always optimized. Naturally this contributes to the possibilities of XXL sublimation pressure. At the moment we use 3,2 meters wide dye sublimation printers, intended for the production of large volumes of ‘soft signage’, such as flags and banners or prints on other polyester-based fabrics. The machines are also suitable for printing very absorbent and open woven fabrics.

Where is sublimation printing suitable for?

  • Textile, for example flags, banners, textile frames
  • Plate material, for example displays, signage, décor walls
  • In- and outdoor usage
  • XXL prints with photo quality

TVE Advertising Productions

With a very large production capacity, a high production speed and an innovative machinery, TVE Advertising Productions can offer optimum quality. Continuously innovating to maintain a modern and effective machinery is very important. By using specialized techniques, TVE can respond to the broad demand of retail chains, companies, institutions and the entertainment sector every day.

TVE is printing on high-quality materials. Big or small runs, at TVE we are happy to help you. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.


XL prints with high quality view

Our machines deliver top performances, printed directly on almost every polyester textile material. XL prints with a picture quality, that is what this machine can do like no other.