UV flatbed printing


The Agfa Jeti Tauro H2500 at TVE

The hybrid Jeti Tauro print up to 2.5 metres wide rollers or rigid material. The printer is equipped with 32 print heads for six colors with optional white or primer and has a maximum output of 525 m² per hour in express mode.

The substrate can vary in thickness from 0.2 to 5 cm.


UV Flatbed printing

Next to digital printing and screen printing, printing directly on material is no problem at all as well. The machine we are using is the Vutek QS 3200. If you need one or bigger quantities does not matter for our showpiece.

Printing possibilities

  • Uncoated flexible and inflexible materials
  • Smooth, unequal and perforated surfaces
  • For both in- and outdoor use
  • Materials with a maximum thickness of 7 cm and a maximum of 320 cm wide. The length is almost unlimited, this differs from the kinds of material which is being used. Also the QS prints on roll for the big XL-prints.   
  • The quality of printing is extremely high, this machine prints 1080 dpi including white with a speed of 85 square meters per hour!