UV roll on roll


High-quality, fast and durable

Do you want to have your communication materials printed in a sustainable way? Then opt for UV LED printing. Energy, costs and time are saved with our hybrid UV LED printers. The printers are equipped with LED, saving up to 60% energy. The printed materials can be used, for example, as in- and outdoor banners, billboards, facade cloths, festival prints and construction fence cloths. Even very thin materials such as paper, vinyl and polyester can be printed with this technique.

How does UV Led printing work?

UV LED printing uses a special type of ink. If this ink is exposed to UV radiation, the ink hardens into a kind of plastic layer. Our 3.2 meter wide hybrid UV LED printers combine high quality with high productivity. These advanced printers are equipped with no less than 32 print heads with which full color can be printed, with optional white or primer. The printers have a maximum output of up to 525 m2/h. The printers can also realize an excellent product in ‘express mode’.

Where is UV on a roll suitable for?

  • Durable printing: up to 60% energy saving
  • Different kind of textiles
  • Thin materials, such as paper, vinyl and polyester
  • Large formats of in- and outdoor banners, billboards, façade cloths, festival prints and construction fencing.
  • In- and outdoor usage

TVE Advertising Productions

With a very large production capacity, a high production speed and an innovative machinery, TVE Advertising Productions can offer optimum quality. Continuously innovating to maintain a modern and effective machinery is very important. By using specialized techniques, TVE can respond to the broad demand of retail chains, companies, institutions and the entertainment sector every day.

TVE is printing on high-quality materials. Big or small runs, at TVE we are happy to help you. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.