Transfer prints


High-quality printed matter

This technique is widely used in the textile and sports sector. The printed materials are suitable, among other things, for printing clothes for cycling, football, basketball, athletics or motor sports. In addition, the technique is also used for the printing of flags and banners.

How does transfer printing work?

In the case of transfer printing, the desired image or message is first printed on paper. These are the so-called transfers. Then the transfer is used to print the final product. The transfer is printed on the product by means of a high temperature. The heat and the pressure ensure that the printing of the transfer is released and adheres to the product. There are various forms of transfer printing:

  • Silk-screen transfers
  • Digital transfers
  • Ceramics transfers
  • Flex transfers
  • Sublimation transfers

An advantage of transfer printing is that the colors of clothing do not fade after washing.


TVE Advertising productions

With a very large production capacity, a high production speed and an innovative machine park, TVE Advertising Productions can offer optimum quality. The continuous innovation to maintain as modern and effective machinery as possible is of big importance. By using specialized techniques, TVE can respond to the broad demand of retail chains, companies, institutions and the entertainment sector every day.

TVE printed high-quality materials. Big or small runs, at TVE we are happy to help you. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then please contact us.

What is transfer printing suitable for?

  • Flags
  • Banners
  • Prints on clothing
  • Indoor and outdoor products